Marshalltown Water Works (MWW) is in the process of updating its meter reading process.  This new system will enable MWW technicians to obtain meter readings using a drive-by method.  This will eliminate the need for the technicians to walk house to house (sometimes in peoples back yards) to obtain meter readings via the touchpad located on the side of the house.

MWW technicians will be knocking on doors in the area that they are working.  If someone is home, they will request access to the meter in the house to complete the work.  If no one is available, they will leave a blue door tag requesting customers call our office to schedule a 30 minute appointment to allow us access to the water meter.

To help MWW complete this project, MWW has also contracted with VEPO Metering to help install updated metering equipment.  Customers may receive a letter from VEPO Metering requesting an appointment to upgrade the meter.

If you have any questions regarding our meter upgrades, please contact our office at 641-753-7913.