Locating Water Mains and Services

If you are going to be doing any digging, Iowa law requires you to call the IOWA ONE-CALL SYSTEM a minimum of 48-hours prior to starting.  This allows all of the utilities in your area to locate their facilities prior to any excavation.  Failure to notify the ONE-CALL SYSTEM will make you responsible for the cost of any repairs to the utilities that may be damaged. The number to call for locates is 1-800-ONE-CALL or 811.  Tell them your address and the area that you are going to be working in. You also need to tell them what type of work you will be doing.  Keep in mind that the Marshalltown Water Works only locates the facilities that we own.  We own the public water mains, fire hydrants and valves.  The water services to individual buildings are privately owned.  The Water Works has a record of the stop box and tap locations.  If you are a contractor and would like these located, you must fill out a form at our office.