The Marshalltown Water Works bill is sent bimonthly for the majority of its customers and contains charges for water, sewer, storm sewer, and landfill. In addition to our normal bimonthly billing, we offer budget billing which is sent out monthly and is based on your bimonthly meter reads.  The water portion of your bill is calculated by applying the current water rate to the actual water usage, measured in 100 cubic feet, plus the base charge according to meter size. The sewer, storm sewer, and landfill portions of the bill are all regulated by the Marshalltown City Council.

Marshalltown Water Works uses meters that measure in cubic feet. Billing is in even 100 cubic foot increments. There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons).  The average usage per person is 1500 to 2200 gallons per month (gpm) or 200-300 cubic feet per month.

If you feel your bill is too high, MWW suggests checking the following:

  • Check your toilets
    • Complete a “dye” test on each toilet in the house by dropping a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank. DO NOT FLUSH. Leave for 4560 minutes. If color appears in the bowl then you have a leak and repairs must be made. You may have to do this test several times at different times of the day. It may be an intermittent leak that only shows up occasionally.
      • If the colored water leaks into the bowl, that would indicate a leaky gasket or bad flapper valve.
      • If the colored water disappears, that would indicate a defective overflow tube.
  • Check water heaters for filling or dripping.
  • Check faucets in all tubs, showers, sinks, outside faucets – if any are dripping they need to be fixed by either turning off completely or repairing.
  • Check relief valve on water heater – is it open or seeping?
  • Check lines to swimming pools, sprinkler systems, fountain, ponds, water softeners, etc.
  • Check your meter for flow – if the needle is moving, water is going through the meter. Try to isolate which water using device in your home or building is using water.