Water Service Basics

When you would like to begin or end water service at a property in Marshalltown, contact our office.  Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  You may contact our office by any of the options at the bottom of the page.

When you buy a property served by the Water Works, in addition to your internal plumbing, you also own the piping from the public water main to your building including the curb stop.  (Service Line Diagram)  A curb stop or “stop box” is a valve on your private water service located between the public water main and your home. Often, you can see a metal cap approximately 4 inches in diameter in your lawn between the sidewalk and the curb. Stop boxes allow the Water Works employees to turn off the water to your home.  Usually this is done at the homeowner’s request for plumbing repairs or upon moving out of a property and wanting the water service terminated.  Each property owner is required to maintain and keep all parts of the service line in good working condition at all times.

The meter in your home or building, the wiring for the outside touch pad and the touch pad are the property of the Water Works.  The touch pad on the outside of your house is used to read the meter and looks similar to the own shown below.  However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to take all necessary precautions to protect the meter, wire and touch pad from damage, including freezing.  Meters damaged by freezing or other causes will be repaired only by a MWW employee and billed to the customer.